It all started in 1998 when former web hosting industry veterans decided to move from employee to owner. In a matter of months the first USA Sat, Inc. website, packages, and feature set was developed. From the onset USA Sat, Inc. set out to competitively be different by being one of the largest software distributors of web hosting billing software ModernBill. By creating competitive packages, selecting the right partners, and hiring the first round of employees USA Sat, Inc. quickly gained a great reputation with both customers and with industry analysts.

Internally discussions started about how USA Sat, Inc. would be able to truly be a different company and what types of things we could do that would provide "unique" feature sets exclusive to the USA Sat, Inc. hosting platform. In speaking with hundreds of customers, developers, and knowing what we ourselves would want from a hosting company. Hosting Central allows the selection of location for hosting website from over 10 locations on either cPanel Linux or Plesk Windows and provides access to part of our international network of servers.